Monday, 19 August 2013

Recipe for a an awesome Condensed Milk Pudding!

I would like to share the recipe for the condensed milk pudding that I make every weekend! I make condensed milk pudding with simple ingredients and it takes me very little time, as low as 20 minutes!


1. Condensed milk - 1 tin

2. 2% Normal Milk - 1.5 tins

3. Eggs - 3

4. Vanilla flavor

5. Food coloring

6. Cashew nuts


1. Mix 1 tin condensed milk with 1.5 tin of milk. 

2. Use a blender to beat 3 eggs and add that to the above mixture. Do not beat for too long to avoid the eggs getting cooked.

3. Add few drops of vanilla flavor and few drops of food coloring (if u prefer colored pudding).

4. Boil it for 20 mins on medium. Or, steam for about 45 minutes (duration specified for electric steamer).

5. Add crushed cashew nuts.

6. Let it cool and refrigerate for 4-5 hours.

7. Ready to eat!

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